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Insect Protection

Flowtron's affordable, effective biting insect solutions provide insect-free comfort all through the seasons. Protection coverage ranges from 2,000m2 to over 6,000m2. These Flowtron insect control devices are perfect for controlling insects and mosquitoes in the following locations and for the following applications:

  • Game lodges, hotels and resorts
  • African tour operators and tour guides
  • Lodges and hotels operating in high-density areas
  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Hostels, nurseries and dormitories
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Mining companies
  • Telecommunication companies and ISPs operating in rural areas
  • Popular beachfront resorts
  • Construction companies
  • Property management companies, home owners associations, large gated communities
  • Conference organisers, event companies and destination wedding venues
  • Transport and logistics companies operating in densely populated areas

Up to 90% of the mosquitoes that bite you live within 65m of where you are. The Flowtron devices attract and kill female mosquitoes, disrupting the breeding cycle and preventing up to 300 young for each female mosquito removed from the area. Within 4-6 weeks of continuous use, you will notice a significant reduction in mosquitoes in the catchment area of your device.

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